As per the decision of the Council of Ministers, an action plan has been released to establish "Cyber Incident Response Teams" within public institutions and private sector entities. These teams can participate in a comprehensive training program that covers the education topics specified by USOM through Corporate Cybersecurity Awareness (SOME) training. This practical training imparts essential knowledge and actions that cybersecurity professionals need to know. The Corporate SOME training covers theoretical concepts, practical applications, and real-life scenarios to ensure that participants are well-equipped to handle any cybersecurity challenges.


Who is it suitable for?

Cybersecurity experts, cybersecurity analysts, and SOME candidates can participate in the training.


Training duration:

12 Days



  • Basic TCP/IP and Network Knowledge
  • Basic Linux Knowledge
  • Basic Information Security


Certificate and achievements:

  • UITSEC International Participation Certificate
  • Cyber Incident Response Process and Management
  • Technical Approach to Cyber Incidents


Training topics:

  • Secure Configuration Audit Training
  • Penetration Testing Training
  • Attack Techniques Training
  • Attack Detection and Recording Management Training
  • Central Security Monitoring and Incident Management Training
  • Cyber Incident Response Team Setup and Management Training
  • Computer Forensics Analysis Training
  • Computer Forensics Analysis - In-depth Windows Training
  • Network Forensics Analysis Training
  • Malware Analysis Methods Training
  • DDoS Attacks and Protection Methods Training
  • Information Technology Law Training
  • ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management System Implementation Training