VoIP Penetration Test Training

All organizations in the world want to reduce the increasing communication costs. Combining voice and data networks that were separate in the past has offered significant savings opportunities. During this period, the organizations supported solutions that used broadband capacity for voice and data communication, as well as the internet and intranet as an alternative. With the VoIP Penetration test training aims to convey the attack techniques on VoIP networks and the ways of defense against these techniques.


Who is this training for?

Cyber security experts, system administrators, SOC experts and SOC administrators.

Training Duration

  • 2 Days

Requirements for Training

  • Basic TCP/IP and Network Knowledge

Certification & Achievements

  • UITSEC International Certificate of Participation
  • Attack and defense information on VOIP networks

Training Topics

  • Introduction
    • Voice-Data Convergence
      What is VoIP?
      VoIP Working Principle
      VoIP Network Example
  • Protocols
    • SIP
    • RTP
    • PSTN
    • VoIP Protocols
    • Media Transfer Protocols
    • Circuit Switching
    • Packet Switching
    • H.323 Protocols
    • H.323 Components
  • SS7
    • What is SS7?
    • SS7 Signalizaation Architecture
  • VoIP Attacks
    • Wiretapping with MITM
      Call Spoofing
      SIP Inviteflood Attacks