Intentional attacks are carried out on Information Systems, especially on commercial and critical information of institutions. While some of these attacks are carried out anonymously regardless of the target, some attacks are carried out target-oriented. In order to have a cyber security management strategy and to minimize the vulnerabilities that may occur in your organization, you need to carry out an appropriate strategic planning and process management.

If your company does not have any strategic plan for cyber security, you may not be able to take rapid action or prevent attacks if your company becomes an open target. If any attack is successful, commercial, critical and personal data of your business may be obtained by the third party unauthorized persons. Therefore, your business may suffer financial, prestigious, legal and business continuity losses.

Analyses should be carried out in order to analyze the measures we have taken against possible attacks. One of the most basic elements of Strategic Planning is to make an accurate analysis and to ensure the correct use of resources according to the findings. When analyzing, it is important to think about physical security environments without thinking only about the digital world. With the increase in internet use, threats in the field of cyber security are also increasing.

The most important element in terms of strategic planning and process management is to be aware of the possible risks and to act accordingly. In an environment where awareness is low, businesses may suffer financial losses due to the theft or damage of data belonging to the institution.

Thanks to its expert staff, UITSEC carries out the strategic planning and process management stages in line with the scientific cyber security approach. It provides maximum contribution to UITSEC projects in determining the actions to be taken in advance and acting in accordance with the agreed strategic planning.