Information Security has been the biggest nightmare of IT teams for the last 20 years due to different attack methods and increasing threats.

With the Security Operations Center (SOC) service, logs and warnings that may occur on the systems of the institutions are collected in a central system, monitored and after analyzing, alarms are generated and notified. The aim is to ensure that the whole topology works in a safer and more stable way.

SOC is not a specific technological system deployed to defend against specific security threats. Rather, it is an organizational structure supported by technological solutions that seek to manage and increase the overall security stance of organizations. This is done by combining human, process, technology, and intelligence. Each of these elements is critical to a successful SOC implementation.

In our Security Operations Center (SOC), which is active 24/7, our experts constantly analyze the records of our customers from their affiliated sources and keep our customers' networks and systems under constant protection against potential threats.

The Security Operations Center, which is alerted when any threat element is detected, ensures that the attack is intervened immediately and the necessary measures are taken to prevent the incident from recurring.

Afterwards, reports containing the details of the incident, the factors that caused it to take place and the measures taken are prepared and presented to the technical manager at each level.

Security Operations Center;

  • - Identifies threats.
  • - Provides detailed data in forensic processes.
  • - Protects critical infrastructures.
  • - Provides sustainability.
  • - Prevents financial and reputational losses.
  • - Minimizes risks.

Thanks to the service to be received, throughout the institution;

  • • Raising Awareness
  • • Risk Reduction
  • • Threat Control and Prevention
  • • Reducing Additional Expenses
  • • Audit and Compliance Support

many benefits like these are provided directly and indirectly.

In order for a SOC to achieve the above-mentioned objectives and benefit, the following functions must be available.

  • • Log Collection
  • • Log Archiving
  • • Log Analysis
  • • Monitoring Security Incidents
  • • Detection
  • • Event Correlation
  • • Case Management
  • • Reporting

The basic services within the SOC offered as UITSEC are as follows;

  • • Prevention of cybersecurity incidents
    • • Cyber intelligence support
    • • Continuous threat analysis
    • • Scan service for vulnerabilities
    • • Security policy and architecture consulting
    • • Monitoring of real-time and potential security events
    • • Reporting of confirmed events
    • • Coordination and direction
    • • Reporting
    • • Operation

The UITSEC Security Operations Center aims to ensure the continuous security of critical infrastructures with reactive and proactive measures. In addition to its expert staff and the participation of NOC and CIC teams in the analysis processes, RED Teaming teams also offer a holistic security approach in which they examine scenarios and exercises from an offensive perspective.