Although network security is an issue that is ignored by many institutions and not given the necessary importance, it is an important topic that is targeted by the attackers due to the content, volume and importance of the traffic passing through both the internet and corporate networks.

The UITSEC Network Operations team (NOC) provides 24/7 service for a secure and stable network management with performance alarms and logs generated on network and security devices being collected in a central system and providing real-time monitoring, performing analyses, transmitting alarms and providing necessary guidance.

Our teams, which prove their expertise in different network and security products with globally valid certificates and documents, have the following expertise;

  • - Network Architecture
  • - Consolidation
  • - Analysis
  • - Installation and Configuration
  • - Optimization

One of the prominent benefits of the service is to mediate and suggest proactive actions to prevent potential problems. It increases operational efficiency and reduces costs by minimizing risk with measures to be taken in advance for network-based attacks and problems.

Thanks to the UITSEC NOC service, security gaps and architectural problems are identified in advance and a secure infrastructure is ensured to be established by closing without turning into material and reputational loss for institutions.

Thanks to the performance monitoring for all devices, troublesome points are identified and update or change suggestions are offered.

To be able to quickly understand and solve the problems in the systems in case of any problem is seen as another benefit offered by NOC service. Problem analysis and the presentation of possible solution suggestions are another task of our teams in constant communication.

The quality of service is improved and customer satisfaction is maximized thanks to the work carried out in partnership with SOC and CIC teams.

As UITSEC, we are with you 24/7 with our NOC service in the monitoring of network and security devices with our expert teams.