The "Fraud" actions, which have a general definition with the development of the digital world in our recent past and which resulted in financial loss in institutions and organizations, have become an extremely important threat for everyone.

It is an important type of attack that can lead to financial loss as well as loss of reputation for institutions, organizations and individuals and that can be encountered almost every day with the introduction of judicial processes.

It is seen that systems are tried to be circumvented by cyber attackers with a different method almost every day. The mechanisms that require continuous monitoring of internal threats as well as external threats are purchased and put into practice by many institutions.

The fact that the analysis methods used in the past to detect fraud actions are insufficient and the correlations that need to be established between events are made with more advanced systems and big data analytics applications is considered as the undisputed need of today and the future.

The teams that will perform the analysis should have both knowledge about the methods of fraud and competence in analytics. Conducting complex and detailed analyzes and making the possible fraud detection accurately and completely is important in terms of getting the return of the investment made by the institutions.

Detection of risks, understanding of anomalies and creation of warning mechanisms, determination and classification of relationships between data, modeling and calculation of probabilities are just a few of the methods used.

Thanks to UITSEC expert teams and analytical tools, it will also offer offensive and defensive solutions to minimize risks while supporting you in the detection and prevention of fraud against internal and external threats, no matter how big your data and organization is.