DDoS attacks are among the most crucial enemies of the continuity of business processes and there is no definitive solution as DoS and DDoS are not vulnerabilities. The protection methods which are used to combat these attack techniques, are applied by the most up-to-date techniques, methods and training.


The training includes the most up-to-date and effective DoS and DDoS attack techniques and the ways to protect against these attacks through explanations and applications.


Training Content

  • Introduction to DDoS Attacks
    •  What is Service?
  • Service and User Communication
  • What is Denial-of-Service?
  • What is Distributed Denial-of-Service?
    • DDoS Preparednedd and Attacks
    • Botnet | Zombinet Structures
    • Popular Examples
    • Attack Types
  • Security and Protection Methods
  • DoS/DDoS Protection Methods

Who is this training for?

Network Specialists and Administrators, Cyber Security Analysts

Training Duration:

1 Day

Requirements for Training:

Basic TCP/IP and Network Knowledge


UITSEC International Certificate of Participation


Current DoS/DDoS Attack Approaches