Social engineering is one of the most popular types of attack, based on the fact that the attackers manage institutions or individuals with their communication skills, take advantage of carelessness and lack of awareness and acquire various critical information. It is created by exploiting emotions such as fear, joy, excitement and panic in order for the people selected as targets to disclose sensitive and critical information about the institution or themselves. People who panic or get excited may face serious problems as a result of sharing information with unauthorized people.

Although technological infrastructures are developed, up-to-date and protected against cyber attacks, humans are seen as the weakest link of the relevant ecosystem. Hackers, who are aware of this situation, target people and their processes in general, especially in structural cyber attacks. There are many events that can be an example of this situation.

Phishing attacks are among the most common, known and most common methods in social engineering attacks. Bye-mail, attackers try to download a malicious file with fake content they send to their targets or try to get critical information. Physical social engineering performed by phone and face-to-face following phishing attacks are also preferred by the attackers.

UITSEC helps you to determine the level of awareness of your institutions and employees by implementing the most up-to-date and livable social engineering scenarios through hundreds of experienced cases with its advanced intelligence and research network. For example, you may see that your employees may be able to ignore security measures in the face of an attractive shopping opportunity or interesting news, and may fulfill a request that reaches them without verification.

We can choose from current and highly successful scenarios prepared to determine the awareness levels of your institutions and employees, or we can create social engineering scenarios specific to your institutions and employees.

UITSEC's world-class cybersecurity expertise, experience and technical infrastructure enable you to clearly determine whether your employees' levels of awareness meet the needs in terms of enterprise security.