In a world where cyber threats are increasing day by day, institutions and organizations need to employ experts with a certain level of knowledge in every field and ensure their security by deciding on the necessary investments.

As UITSEC, we give consultancy titles to many organizations that have expertise in areas that require expertise such as network, system, server and application security and that have an expert cybersecurity team behind them that performs both offensive and defensive work;

  • - Security Controls
  • - Training Supports
  • - Product Selection and Evaluation Studies
  • - Analysis and Audit Studies

We ensure that they always feel our support by establishing a close relationship with the consulted institutions with regular meetings and continuous communication being prioritized and providing the necessary support in emergencies other than normal conditions.

Thanks to the consultancy services offered based on trust and information, providing a quality and wide range of consultancy services without the need for institutions to spend high budgets is one of our primary objectives as UITSEC.