ATM (Automated Teller Machine) devices, one of the most important tools of the modern age, are one of the tools we encounter in our daily lives. Performing banking transactions from anywhere at any time without going to bank branches makes these devices important.

Users can withdraw or deposit money, access bank deposits or credit accounts, pay their bills, and update personal information using ATM machines. Due to the presence of cash in the ATM machine, it becomes a high priority for attackers and hackers.

The hardware and software architecture of the devices are handled with the ATM security test and security vulnerabilities are detected. Each point that may create vulnerability is reported with solutions and suggestions. With ATM security tests;

  • • ATM vulnerability analysis,
  • • ATM Network and isolation security,
  • • ATM application security,
  • • Application design review,
  • • Hardware security are reviewed.

UITSEC's world-class cybersecurity expertise, experience and technical infrastructure enable you to clearly determine whether your ATM devices meet current security needs and protect them from potential cyber attacks