Cyber Security Specialist Training

In our globalizing economy and digitalizing world, cyber attackers are constantly working to cause harm.  Where information plays an important role, cyber security is indisputably one of the most important issues, especially of recent years. Thinking like hackers is the essential approach that cybersecurity professionals should take. The Cyber Security Specialist Training aims to teach the most up-to-date and popular cyber security topics to the participants, both in theory and practice.


Who is this training for?

System experts, system administrators, and cyber security specialist candidates.

Training Duration

  • 15 Days

Requirements for Training

  • Basic TCP/IP and Network Knowledge
  • Basic Linux Knowledge
  • Basic Information Security

Certification & Achievements

  • UITSEC International Certificate of Participation
  • Cyber incident response process and management
  • Technical approach to cyber incidents

Training Topics

  • Introduction to Cyber Security
    Basic Linux Tutorial
    Basic Network Training
    Information Collection and Analysis
    Introduction to System Security
    Network Security Training
    Wireless Network Security Training
    DDoS Attacks and Protection Ways Training
    Introduction to Web Application Security
    Social Engineering Education
    IoT Security Training
    SCADA Security Training