Despite recent critical security flaws, many companies still believe that they will not be the target of attackers. They think they are small-sized enterprises or do not have any information that the hackers want. However, this approach is changing because of many critical events witnessed in many important companies such as JP Morgan, Target, Home Depot, Neiman Marcus and Sony. The importance of keeping critical data safe has been understood. The fact is that hacking activities have become very easy and includes less risks compared to physical crime. Therefore, hackers have had many reasons for compromising networks. Hackers continue targeting companies with an aim to steal critical data, military or commercial secrets or just demand ransom.

For companies, these threats have been present for many years; now security flaws can be detected more easily. The number of companies targeted and compromised is astronomical. Many security flaws cannot be detected for many years or the companies do not know that they have been compromised. According to the studies, antivirus companies detect over 200,000 new viruses and malware software on a daily basis. The important thing is not when a security flaw will occur but when will it become public and how will companies discover it.

So, when companies detect attacks, what options do they have? Generally, they hire a cybersecurity company to conduct incident response. The severity of the event is determined and the problem is solved after taking the relevant steps. However, a lot of effort and money is spent when dealing with the event. Loss of time and reputation can also occur.

As UITSEC, we offer you the following solutions in order to remove negative results and respond to emergencies right on time;

- APT Analysis
- Product Selection Consultancy and Benchmark Analysis
- 24/7 365 Days Cyber Intelligence and Digital Reputation Service
- AutoSentinel 24/7 Continuous Vulnerability Scanning
- Security Process Management and Security Architecture Consultancy for the Services and Software Purchased from Other Parties
- Emergency Response and Analysis Service