Information is critical for today’s organizations
Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) that store and process information are critical for the success of organizations. Your intellectual property, confidential or sensitive information provide competitive advantage. This advantage can be in the form of a product design, manufacturing process or a negotiating strategy. At the same time, the need to access and share information more widely by benefitting from the technologies is increasing risks regarding the corporate information base.

In addition to the accurate analysis of information assets which are critical for the success of the organization, boards should obtain updated information about threats and common vulnerabilities in order to take right steps and make risk decisions. We can name the companies whose cyber security has been compromised but if we do that we can cause tangible damages to the companies. What makes your organization strong against such attacks?

The threat is not only technical
Many attempts compromising information include activities such as social engineering or manipulation of people skillfully. It is often easier to trick someone to click on a malicious link found in an email that they think coming from a friend or colleague than hacking a system. If the person receiving the mail is busy or distracted, the possibility of clicking on the link increases. There are also hackers who persuade IT support staff about issues such as resetting passwords.

What measures do you need?
Ensure that your management informs everyone within the organization about the risks and threats. The management should give the same importance to these risks as financial and other risk management regimes. Implement security controls and policies in appropriate for the level of risk that the organization can tolerate.

Ten Steps to Reduce Cyber Risk
Basic information risk management can stop nearly 80% of cyber-attacks observed today. It allows organizations to focus on managing the impacts of the remaining 20%.

Every expert in UITSEC Company reports executive-oriented solutions as technical and non-technical. Our experienced team offers you the current condition of your organization with graphics and percentages. You can obtain information about the potential threats and risks. In this way, you can take the right steps to eliminate or remove all risks against your company with the support of UITSEC Executive Solutions.