APT attacks, which is the abbreviation of Advanced Persistent Threat, are a cyber attack and crime method with state and political targeting as well as institutions and organizations.

The most important feature that distinguishes this type of attack from other cyber attacks is that the time vector is kept in the foreground and spread over a wide time period in order for the attack to succeed. The goal of the attack is to obtain data quickly or to target a domination that is spread over time and gradually obtained, rather than harming.

As it spreads using digital methods, physical methods are also an important attack vector in APT attacks. 0-day exploits also have an important place among attack methods. Attachments received via e-mail, files shared in file transfer, pirated software and targeted attacks are among the digital dissemination tools of this type of attack. In physical attacks, external hard drives, CD/DVDs and different computer equipment are used.

After performing the necessary APT analyzes, the UITSEC expert analysis team examines the results and prepares the report on the measures to be taken and the damage incurred until the determination. With the determination of the attack method and way, the vulnerability analysis is carried out within the scope of the study and the necessary security measures are prepared with an expert perspective in order not to be exposed to such an attack in the future.