Security Operations Center Analyst Training

Security operations are vital for organizations. Which the main activities are as follows: Monitoring threats, taking precautions or developing solutions. The personnel working at the center must be experts in their fields to understand and detect the threats. The Security Operations Center Analyst Training teaches the actions to be taken before and after an event occurs.


Who is this training for?

IT personnel, network administrators, system administrators and anyone with career goals in cyber security.

Training Duration:

  • 2 Days

Requirements for Training:

  • Basic TCP/IP and Network Knowledge

Certification & Achievements

  • UITSEC International Certificate of Participation
  • Perspective on security operations

Training Topics

  • Creating and Managing Asset Inventory
  • Detection of Vulnerable Points
  • Security Operations and Management
  • Understanding Cyber Threats, IoC and Attack Methodology
  • Events
  • Log Analysis
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Security Information, Incident Management (SIEM) and Incident Detection
  • Enhanced Incident Detection with Cyber Threat Intelligence
  • Incident Response