Servers and clients are the basic assets within a network. As a result of the important data and information they carry, they are the main elements of which security is considered in terms of cyber security. The personal or corporate devices used by the users and the servers serving the users are always the target of the attackers.

When the known and reported vulnerabilities are examined, it can be clearly seen that a significant majority is on the clients and servers. The clear goals of hackers and highly motivated groups are generally clients and servers that interact on a network.

Testing your servers and clients by security experts before they are visited by actual attackers will make your organization safer. The following areas are tested with server and client security tests performed by experts.

  • • Known vulnerabilities
  • • Service and processes
  • • Configuration and architecture
  • • Communication policy
  • • Access policy
  • • Password policy
  • • Management of roles and rights

As a result of the tests carried out, each finding is evaluated from the perspective of a real attacker and exploited, the risks and threats it poses are evaluated and reported with the most appropriate solutions that can be applied together with PoC screenshots.

As a result of the tests carried out on servers and clients, you can see the vulnerabilities in your network and keep them safe with the actions you take.