Industrial control systems control and manage important infrastructures of our age. Even the slightest vulnerability that may occur on these systems can lead to very big problems. Major problems arise when the critical vulnerabilities of hackers and APTs over the target's EX systems are exploited. In the past, the security of these important infrastructures, which have been targeted in target-oriented structural cyber attacks such as StuxNet, is extremely important.

Industrial control systems are safely tested with safety tests without any damage to your infrastructure. As a result of the analyses and tests carried out, the following areas are discussed.

  • • EKS Network and isolation security,
  • • EKS application and service vulnerabilities,
  • • Application design review,
  • • Unauthorized access,
  • • Hardware security,
  • • Security of protocols such as Modbus, RTU

With the experience and technical infrastructure of UITSEC, you can safely perform your tests on your EKS systems.